Drupal 7.8 released

Submitted by root on Wed, 09/07/2011 - 14:29

Drupal 7.8, a maintenance release with numerous bug fixes (no security fixes) is now available for download. A critical bug with the upgrade path, #1164852: Inconsistencies in field language handling has been addressed in this release, among other critical and major bugs. See the Drupal 7.8 release notes for a full listing.

Upgrading your existing Drupal 7 sites is strongly recommended. There are no new features in these releases. For more information about the Drupal 7.x release series, consult the Drupal 7.0 release announcement.

Drupal Mauritius goes 7

Submitted by root on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 19:01

We finally upgraded our site to Drupal 7. Yay!

Some new stuffs :

  1. We ditched the old blog style in favour of a community approach.
  2. We added an events section.
  3. We now have a whole new page to present our members

Some notes for existing users:

  1. Please change your password immediately here.
  2. When you're logged in, update your profile with a picture (we like to see our members) and a bio to appear on the team page.


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